Sunday, 21 June 2015


Though I am not a pro, however now a days who has a phone camera is a photographer :)

After my previous piclogs, here I am with Piclog-4

I know each and everything around us inspire us to do something better in our life. If you observe closely around yourself, you will find that everything has a philosophical point of view.

I am inspired very much from a train. Our life is smiler to a train where after each certain period it halts for a station. Some people leave it and some get on-boarded. It never mind for those who leave it, nor it rejects anybody who try to on-board it.

A train-a life (Picture taken at Matheran-Toy train)

A train may be like our life, but this runs on rail tracks. Again our life evolves on rail tracks, 2 paralleled iron bars, people call them parents. These 2 parallel bars are together always just to give a direction to our life. Irrespective of weather, climate and our speed to reach destination, these bars always support us/train.

Backbone of a train, like our parents are backbone of our life

Note: Pictures taken by my phone camera.

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