Saturday, 27 July 2013

2014, General Election, India and We

We all are  waiting for 2014 general elections, which might be a biggest thing for Indian Political parties but for Indian Public (most of them) it will be like another bigger, fancier, loud and Multi-starrer Bollywood Masala flick which will provide them lots of entertainment.

When I was a kid I used to wait for 15 August and 26 January, not because to celebrate these biggest days of Indian republic but to get a chance either to sing a poetry on mike or at least to get a “motichoor ka Laddoo” after “Jhanda-Vandan” (Flag hoisting ceremony) in School. I never understood the words used by chief guests on that occasion even I couldn’t understand the importance of those days till I grown up to class 5th-6th standard.
The same scenario we can see today for most of our Adults in rural India when it comes to elections, for many of them it is just a chance to get either a free bottle of desi daroo and a blanket or a 500/1000 Rupee note at the time of elections, for some people it is a matter of showing their connections with political parties to their local neighborhood, and this time in 2014, for a bigger chunk of urban India it may be a hot topic to discuss on Social media or to watch News channel’s Exit polls.After elections when poll results are shown on TV, it will be same for them as watching a tennis match between Federer and Rafa where in one set Federer is leading and another set it is Rafa.

A very few responsible citizens will step out for a real change, for making their vote count, for making their voice to be listened, for making India a proud nation again. For all this they have to Vote, they have to go to their constituency and vote for a correct or I should better say a less wrong person.

According to NASSCOM we have around 3 Million professionals working in IT/ITES, and if majority of them are working away from their home, if we take a rough figure say 50% are away from their home (in actual it may be more), so my question is how many of them take leaves for voting and go to their home town and vote for right candidate?
I don’t think more than 1 or 2% of these people would do so. So out of 15 Lac persons only 20-25 thousand would go and vote and rest enjoy the TV chat shows. Here I am talking only for IT/ITES professionals where we have many such other fields.
The point is here not to blame our young friends for not voting but to make them aware that only their vote can bring a true change to this country, many educated, young and mature people are not using their voting power and it is being misused by local goons for fake voting and we get a wrong government just to accuse for high taxing, not developing, looting, scams, bad roads, price hikes, no infrastructure and no salary hikes.

So here I request you to take an oath that in next elections you will perform your duty and try hard to cast your vote, I must say again that only educated people can bring change to this nation, otherwise it will be sold to Congress again with a price of a desi daroo bottle and a Murga.

Please go and vote for good governance this time, and circulate my appeal to all our friends.

If you do not have a voter ID card then please register yourself for the same at the below link, before registering keep ready scanned copy of your class 10th Mark sheet ( or Birth Certificate for age proof), Residence proof and Photo.

Link to register for Voter ID: 

Share information about this link as much as possible, inspire others in your family, neighborhood, friend circle and at workplace for registering for Voter ID.

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