Thursday, 5 December 2013

Toilet - The ultimate place

If I ask you that which is the place where you get your share of peace for each day of your mechanical life?
Okay, if I ask that which is the place where you would visit everyday without fail (subject to ill health)?
 Now I think many of you have guessed it right that I am talking about the most important place of our life where we get an extra piece of relief, I am talking about restrooms, washrooms or better say Toilets.
Toilets play a critical role in our daily life, and I am not the first person who is writing on this subject, many more scholars and big shots have also written about toilet.
For reference I share a few with you,

It is better to have a relationship with someone who cheats on you than with someone who does not flush the toilet.
--Uma Thurman

Toilets first, temples later”
---Narendra Modi

It is the best place in your house which you can use as “Private Zone” and you can be a bit more relaxed while sitting here than any other area of your house.
Indians are Intelligent but they are also known for their misconceptions and superstitions, if we talk about going toilet, many people have their own morning habits for this task, I know many people just go there, sit, wash, flush and return. But for a large chunk of people going toilet is a big task.

Let’s have a flashback…..
I spent my childhood in a small village so I start with my village, at that time people used to visit farms, forests, and ponds for the daily routine. Having a house was more important then having a toilet in house. So, many times for the elder people of village it was a point of get to gather and they used to discuss important issues during their toilet sessions, issues like, which fertilizer should be used, what is the right time for seeding the farms, whose son is ready to be married in market, whose buffalo is giving how much milk etc.
Children also used to go and sit in abandoned farms and open lands. They used to play with pebbles and bushes around while their sessions, many times they used to discuss about the “Kancha tournaments” and they get their school bunk planned in that session. 
I have seen women too; they generally used to form a group of 5-7 and then go. Their usual topics of discussion were the same as today when they meet.

 Let’s come back to today’s era….

Now when people have built toilets in their houses, they usually don’t need to go outside and they don’t get company to discuss important matters while their toilet sessions, it become difficult to have a “Successful Toilet Session”. Here I will not elaborate the “Successful session” it’s your task to understand.
People have developed strange habits to have a “Successful Session”. Here I share some strange and some known habits which people follow to have their successful morning call.
I start with my grandfather, he used to smoke beedi in normal day but every morning he needed a filter cigarette. He explained to me that without that filter cigarette he couldn't get his pressure. He carried this habit with him for long time.
Same as my grandfather my father developed habit to chewing tobacco; he keeps the small boxes of tobacco and chuna under his pillow, to make it sure that after waking up first thing should be tobacco which goes into his mouth.

Chewing tobacco, smoking cigarettes are the known habits which many people follow today, but Mahesh uncle, one of our neighbors was having a strange habit, on the corner of the street where we used to live, there was a sweet shop, and every morning they used to sale hot jalebi, samosa kachori and the Famous Indorie Poha. Now if Mahesh uncle doesn't get the Kachori with Imli chutney from that shop, he wouldn't get his “Successful toilet Session” and it is believed that because of this habit he used to deny travel much and go outstations because he needed that Kachori everyday.


Apart from these habits of eating Kachori, smoking cigarette /bidi, chewing tobacco/gutakha/paan masala or drinking a hot cup of tea there is a big group of people who go and read news paper inside the toilet, I am sure many of you would admit this fact to bring newspaper in toilet, now we have different variants of this habit as well, like one of our relatives has designed his toilet in a way that a folding table is attached in front of his toilet seat which he would use to read news paper. One of my friends doesn't get his share of peace in toilet if he doesn't get a fresh set of news paper or better I say a virgin newspaper. Our college topper and gold medalists had a habit to go with formula sheets and other tutorials with him while going inside.

I see that things are not changed today as well, now the young generation has I-pads, smart phones, laptops and PSPs in their hands while they go inside.
Now it’s your turn to admit… what you bring along with you when you go “Inside”??
Share interesting Toilet habits you have seen in people ….

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