Sunday, 8 November 2009

Meeting with Life

Disclaimer: This piece of writing “Meeting with life” is an old product of my thoughts  …..I have written it in 2009 and put it on my blog, Please excuse the bad English and grammar.

It was a cold morning of November 2009 but since I am in Hyderabad so this is not that much cold as you imagine it….. :) 
that morning I met my life,...yes my life...... her emergence was beautiful, she was looking like my dream girl; long hair, innocent face, black eyes trying to say something with a beautiful smile on fine shaped lips, she was wearing a sapphire color top with black jeans, I was totally awestruck looking at her, somehow I managed to get my wits back and after a formal greet I asked her to sit on a chair opposite to me, it was a restaurant near a lake and in this cold morning no one was there except us, I first started conversation; you are my life ? she said yes, I asked again, how my life can be so innocent and beautiful( though practically it does not seem so) , she replied, I am always beautiful, simple and innocent, but you oversight me always, you didn’t see me in that way, “ohhh, ok, so you are saying that I was not aware of my life”, I said, she said yes, I continued with my hell lot of questions, “but you are so fast that I couldn’t see you carefully, I always saw your flip-side”,  then she replied, “because you were always thinking of what has been done, I mean you wanted to be at a certain place with me forever but I cant stay at one place, I have to keep on moving”, by taking a sip of tea I sustained on my complaints “But you are my life, you have to come along with me, stay with me…..” before I finish my sentence she get into the mood of scolding me and started at a little high pitch.. , “I am along with you always, but you are a bit slow and behind me, that’s why I thought it’s long time when we met each other, when we exchanged words, when you gave me a hug, when you lived me with full of joy, I really don’t remember when you gave me some gift, a gift of achievement, a gift of celebration, a gift of joy, a gift of a loud laughter”…she finished and stopped to take a breath, I was listening her carefully as a child, She was right (a little bit), it was long time, when I saw my life so carefully, when I lived it with full delight…I broke the stillness  “Ok then what we are going to do now?”….. “Nothing, now onwards we will walk together, you will come along with me, you will direct me, you will decide the path for us which we follow and enjoy every moment of togetherness, now onwards you will not look behind just come forward with me” with this note she smiled and she gave her to me and then we started to walk along…we started at a steady pace, that morning walk after a cup of tea was as beautiful as my dream…….
 That was a brief meeting with my life just before my phone rang and it woke me up that morning

Everyone’s life is as gorgeous as your dream girl or your prince charm, but the way we look at it decides how it comes across to you, in this competitive environment when we are running behind success, we all are working hard to achieve our goals, we are overlooking our own life, the pleasure, enjoyment, satisfaction and most important love for others have been flew away because we are not keeping the pace with life, either we are too behind from life or we left behind the life.

So just keep abreast the pace with the life, enjoy every moment of this stunning journey, the roads of this drive with life may not be smooth and should not be because on smooth roads there are chances that we lose our consciousness and fell asleep and we may miss the beautiful spectrum of this journey, so few highs and lows are necessary to be awake on this trip.

 Have a great journey....