Friday, 16 August 2013

An open letter to Anna Hajare Team and AAP Members

Dear Anna,

I hope you are still thinking about betterment for India.
The movement you started 2 years back was nothing less than a historical phenomena in Indian democracy. You compelled Indian youth to come on roads, you ignited a new flame in our hearts, you showed that we can also be revolutionary youth. You just gave us a hope that we can fulfill our dream of doing something for nation by supporting you.
But all of sudden the very accused government ditched you and you surrendered. You just believed them as we did by voting them, and they did the same to you what they did to our nation, they cheated. The very sharp movement became blunt; you disappeared and kept a silence fast. Meanwhile all the flames were extinguished, all hopes of Indian Youth shattered and most worst happened was our belief on you deviated, your team was divided, aim was alienated. Government played their cards and we along with you felt a shocking defeat.
Now once again when you are trying to ignite the same fire with the same fuel it is not even heating, why because the fuel has expired.

Dear Arvind Kejriwal,

Congratulations on your decision of entering into the system and fighting to clean it.
You parted from Anna’s movement, because you understood that if system has to be cleaned you have to make your hands dirty. You can not stand in a corner and clean the muddiness. We appreciate your initial acts of disclosing misdeeds of big corporate houses, but again it was only a breaking news for us, we just watch news channel to see if something big has been revealed by you, we don’t bother to join your party because we have our own commitments, we have job, a family to look after and a small ambition for our future. You may say that we are selfish, yes we are, and you may say that we don’t want to do something for our nation, yes you can say, but truth is that now we don’t believe in Anna’s movement, same as most of us don’t believe in your success.

Now let me clear why we don’t believe in success of both of you in spite of having a pure ambition, a true heart and a determination to do best for nation, because you are fighting with demons and not common people and you are fighting without arms.

You are saying that all political parties are bad, none is honest, that is correct and we agree to your sentiments, but remember even when god had to eliminate the evil soul from earth, he had to acquire human nature, he had to follow the way devils were following, just to kill him, and this is written in all our mythological books (I said all, inclusive of all religion). Same if you want to eliminate one devil then you have to take help of another, first remove one with the help of other and then remove the evil spirit from the one who helped you. Don’t fight alone.

I hope you understood my signal.