Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Golden Jubilee Celebration

Today Gandhi Hall is jam-packed since morning and one can see a sea of people at common ground, one corner of the ground is equipped with decorative bar with varieties of branded drinks, this area is restricted, the other corner is filled with dining tables and one can smell the aroma of delicious food. All these arrangements were done for the VIPs and VVIPs. Common people were sitting on ground, around 20 meters far from this VIP Zone and stage. Mr. Rajeev the MD of “Jaihind” group and elder son of Late Ramesh Chandra ji is very happy today.

India’s top media group “Jaihind” is celebrating their golden jubilee today. This group has started 50 years ago with their Hindi daily news paper “Jaihind Dainik” from New Delhi, when Ramesh Chandra ji started this news paper, no one knew that it would complete not only 50 years but would become one of top media group of India. This group has a strong hold not only in Print but in Electronic media as well. Today they are publishing 2 Hindi, 7 regional, 3 English daily news papers and 3 weekly and one monthly magazine. And if we talk about electronic media then here also they don’t have a lose end, they are numero uno with 6 national news channels and FM network in 9 cities of India on air.

Today a Union Minister is chief guest for this celebration; he will be sharing stage with the CM of state.  It’s 11:40, but minister hasn't arrived yet, although the time given was 10:00 AM, meanwhile on stage we had colorful cultural programs organized by “Jaihind” Media.

Jaihind Group is considered  to be a very loyal media group during each government, they have grown rapidly in recent years, and why not, their tagline says “fast and focused”, and they really are.

All of sudden all people in luxury suits were running here and there, seems minister has arrived, yes Minister jee was walking out of a super-luxury car, surrounded by 4 gunmen, minister jee entered in VVIP zone and disappeared. 

Stage is ready with 7 chairs, now people are coming to fill those empty chairs, the middle one is the bigger one, surely for union minister, adjacent one is for CM, and rest 5 chairs were occupied by senior board members of “Jaihind” along with Mr. Rajeev.

The front 2 rows of VIP zone are filled with some renowned builders and industrialists who were enjoying their share of drinks.

Now a round of garlanding was started, Rajeev jee was holding a garland in both of his hands, all of a sudden he hears some voices from right side of the stage, he saw that some 5-6 farmers gathered their, they wanted to talk to Minister. Rajeev signaled his guards and they took action.

Minister jee now on the podium and started his speech, “Bhaaiyon aur bahano, mein Jaihind ki kitni bhi tareef karu, kam hai, aaj hamara desh jo bhi hai, wo hamari party ki vajah se hai aur isme Jaihind ka bahut bada yogdaan hai, loktantra ke 4 stambho me se ek…..” minister jee stopped when he saw the group of farmers besides his stage, they gathered near stage again and were agitated and asking about their land, they were shouting slogans against a builder siting in front row, they said, hamari jameen wapas karo, hamari jameen wapas karo….

actually few month back, a reputed builder has duped the nearby villager's farmers and captured their precious fertile land at cheaper rates on the name of some government schemes, builder promised them to give a lavish big house to each farmer and now he is not even recognizing them.

Again police force has to intervene and farmers had to be stopped, but minister also concluded his speech soon, and left the stage in haste.

Ashtbuddhi, a local MLA came to farmers and asked them, what they want, farmers said that, we wanted to talk either to CM or to minister; we want to talk about land mafias who illegally captured our farms on the name of Government schemes. MLA heard them and politely said, today minister is very busy and CM is also having important commitments, so they can not hear you. Go and take rest today and come on some other day.

At the same time, in VIP Zone, minister was having chitchat with CM and Mr. Rajeev holding a glass of branded whisky in one hand and a cigarette in another.

Meanwhile on all the Jaihind news channels, anchors were praising Minister’s speech, CM’s work in state and they were running that video in loop where minister praised Jaihind’s contribution towards nation’s development. Anchore said, stay tuned to our channel, we will be back in a minute. 
Then a jingle played the tagline, "you are watching Jaihind News, the fast and Focused...."

Image courtesy: Internet