Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Happy Queen Elizabeth

This is another story on Governance in India, for last few decades people of India have seen that India’s development graph is not steady and for last 9 years we have seen a steady rise in corruption, crime, inflation and insensitivity of government.

Okay I don’t talk about the government any more and start the story; this is a story of ancient India, when crime rate was not much higher, if someone steals a pair of shoes he used be called a big criminal, if any person stared a women for more than 2 seconds, immediately he was considered to be a big pervert and called a criminal by neighbors and rest of the society. In that era there used to be a person named Jagga, he was a thief by nature and profession, and was considered biggest criminal of that area where he lived.
He used to steal goats and hens and used to cook and eat them without leaving any evidences.
Actually no one could prove that he was the thief so “Panchayat” also used to set him free every time. People of his area hated him; they used to tell their children about Jagga that his is a criminal and not a good human being so do not talk to him.
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Soon Jagga’s son Bhagga also joined him in his business; he was more claver and believed in perfection in his acts. Jagga was very happy that his son is also climbing steps on the same trail where he was leading.
Although Jagga was happy from outside but from inside he was very upset, one evening when he was sitting outside of his house and in the same vicinity children were playing and refraining themselves by coming near to his house by any chance.  That incident shook Jagga from inside, he started staying at home and he became ill and was bedridden.
One morning when Bhagga returned form his usual job with some grains and pair of parrots, he saw his father was counting his last breath. Jagga called his son and told him that now time has come,
 “I will not live now anymore, but before I die I would like to ask a promise from you”, “yes father tell me, I can do whatever you want”
“I was very bad citizen of this locality and was extremely infamous, no one wants to take my name on their tongue, I don’t want to die with this black spot on my name that I am the most evil person of this locality. You have to do something that after my death people do not say that I was worst, they should say that I was good. Then only I will get a sigh of relief in heaven.”
“Yes father, I will do it, I will make your name good”.
Bhagga promised and Jagga died.
Now Jagga was worried, day and night he was thinking that how he can put his father’s name in the good books of the people.
Finally Jagga got an idea and he started stealing each and everything from the house where he entered, if something he can not steal he used to destroy it, he made it sure that when people of that house wake up they were stunned.
Earlier the father-son duo used to steal live stocks of Goats and hens and used to cook them and eat, and leave no traces behind. Now since Bhagga could not eat so much, so he started killing the animals and dumped them in the front of resident’s doors.
Now inhabitants of that locality were dismayed and felt it very painful, since everyone knew that it was Bhagga, but could not produce the evidences so again Bhagga was freed.
Now everybody was heard saying that Bhagga has crossed all the limits, Jagga was even better, Jagga was not that bad man, and he was very good in comparison to Bhagga.
When Bhagga came to know that people are talking like this, he was extremely happy, he kept his promise and now his father’s spirit would be in rest; his father would take a sigh of relief in heaven or hell whatever.

This story ends here. But there is a message lies in the story, what is that?
Do you know, British Government ruled India for almost 200 years and they were very rude and villainous amongst the modern people of India so in 1947 when British government handed over the country’s responsibility to Congress, they took the same promise from Congress’ President which Jagga took from his son.
And you see, today we often say that British-raj was much better than today’s governance.

And you see, Queen of Britain is very happy today …..