Monday, 11 November 2013

Wedding Invitation of an IT Employee

In one of my last posts I have shared the "Last Working day e-mail" of an IT employee, which you have appreciated, and it was real e-mail which was actually sent to top managers of organization.

Now since wedding season has to be started in a week or so, I would like to share with you a real wedding e-mail of an IT employee ( i.e mine). 

It's totally an original work and originally sent to my friends and colleagues,  you are free to use it although it is copyrighted  :) :)

--------------------Wedding Invitation E-mail of an IT Employee-------------------


You may find this mail a bit long, like my courtship period...... 
but I insist, please read it completely J

After working in IT industry for almost 42 months I found that I have developed few qualities in myself…
such as....

1. Time management

2. Team work

3.How to say "Yes" to everything

4.Boss is always right

5.Stay quiet and concentrate on work

6.Be a good listener ( Listening only)

7.Accept all the negative things whatever come to your way even if you have given your 100%

8.            Commitment

9.            How to articulate a lie

10. Strong mindset of living in a stressed environment

If you notice carefully then you will find that all above qualities are essential to be a good husband,

(scroll up and read again if you do not believe)

so I think now I am prepared to take a plunge for this responsibility,

Those who are already inside the ring may warn me saying that married life has many pains, but trust me, celibacy has no pleasures.

Married life is a rollercoaster ride, and you cannot experience it’s thrill until you ride, I have seen those who are already on this rollercoaster, some are yelling, some are crying, some are vomiting but some are surely enjoying.

I have got a ticket for this roller coaster ride and I am ready to take a seat along with  my partner in this ride.

Those who are already there please bless & welcome us onboard and those who are standing outside and clapping, I wish you will get a ticket soon. J

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Saturday, 26 January 2013

The last working day mail....

  This post can be considered as sequel of one of my previous post IT Serviceman....
this is nothing but a simple last working day mail of an IT serviceman, we have a habit to write a sweet and short good bye mail which includes many thanks and appreciations for the managers( I don't understand why people don't put their real feelings in their last day mail?)....

this is real mail and already delivered to all my colleagues including Managers of my previous organization, I thought to share it with you all, so here we go.....

-------------------------------------------------Last Working Day---------------------

Object Name: Pritesh Dubey
Object ID: L0306620, 10496722
Object Image:
Date of Creation in Project: 18th March 2009
Date of Creation in Company: 28th August 2008
Date of Archiving: 26th November 2012

Dear all,

In my 4+ years of IT career, I have observed that people are very excited about writing the Last working day mail, moreover it's a tradition to send last day mail, many of you might have created personal folders in your outlook with this name "Last day mails", I think every Pvt sector employee gets a chance to write such mails.

for me it's not that easy to write this mail, but as it's kind of tradition so why should I miss the chance to put my feelings on digital paper.
so, today is my last working day not only in Project but in organization as well, though I wanted to have a last day only for Project but it could not materialized due to some gravitational managerial forces.

When you leave your First Company, who gave your First salary, First ever experience of Corporate life,  then how you feel, there are no words in any dictionary which are capable enough  to express that feeling.

in my last 4+ years in this company I have learned a lot behavioral science, technically and professionally I feel myself a little more mature now.

Here I learned the biggest lesson of Geeta as well from Chapter 2 verse 47.
karmany evadhikarass te maphaleshu kadacana
ma karma-phala-hetur bhuha ma te sango stv akarmani
You have right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to worry for the fruits of action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty.

in my last 3.5+ years in this project, I enjoyed a lot, worked a little, converted colleagues into friends, seen this project growing from a toddler to a giant, seen all the kind of faces which are available in below smiley box.

During my tenure in this company and in this project I have captured lots of memories few to learn lessons, few to cherish them, my sincere thanks to all those who have contributed in my box of memory.

It's very hard to leave your first things in life but I am thankful to a fist of people who helped me to take this decision, I loved this company and at last I would only say a few lines from a poem of a very renowned Hindi poet ..........
Bahut bikhra bahut toota thapede seh nahi paaya
Hawaaon ke ishaaron par magar main beh nahi paaya
Adhoora an suna hi reh gaya youn pyaar ka kissa
Kabhi tum sun nahi paaye, kabhi main keh nahin paaya !!!

however as Chulbul Pandey would say “there ij alwayjj a furst time and there ij alwayjj a next time.”! so see you next time, till then be happy, keep smiling, and have a great moderation year ahead J

Good bye !!!!

PS: For those who want to access this object even after archived, please use the below links:

  so this was the "last working day mail" from my side to all my colleagues in previous organization, and I tried to be very honest about my feelings for my organization and the people with whom I worked.